Three symbols for people, representing 'male', 'female' and 'wheelchair user'

Hello! We’re the Steering Group.

We manage the logistics behind the scenes which keep the Forum running.

We are a small group with different skills, experiences and knowledge.

Helen Jones in her electric wheelchair looking at the camera and smiling

Helen (She/Her)

“I felt it was important to get involved with YDRF and ensure that the disability community in York gets heard. I have lived in York for over 15 years, and during that time have studied and worked in the city. I am a firm believer that many of the issues affecting disabled people are systemic and come not only from a lack of awareness but also disability not being prominent in the minds of decision makers.”

Helen’s latest blog posts:

Head and neck photograph of Bill Clayton
Bill Clayton


“Having had ME for over 14 years, I’ve been working to raise awareness of this illness in York for a number of years.

However, I still see a big disconnect between the disabled community and decision makers, as well as the need for a louder voice to amplify disability issues.  In joining the Forum, I see an opportunity for people of all disabilities to come together to be that voice.”

Lydia is smiling at the camera


“I’m involved because I want to make a difference, help people be aware of what’s going on, and help in some way, even if it’s a small way”

Lydia’s latest blog posts:

Eleanor stands in front of a hedge, smiling


“When York: Human Rights City came to talk to MySight York about the Forum I realised that this was something that could become important and that it would be good for MySight to be involved from the beginning, so I put myself forward.”

A headshot of Marilyn smiling at the camera


“I am honoured to be on the Steering Group as an ally, and also as the link person with York: Human Rights City Network. Having worked as a social worker, and a social work lecturer, I am passionate about dismantling barriers (physical and attitudinal) and making an inclusive society that means we all benefit.”

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