ICB Response #2 (13/11/23)

Read our first Legal Letter #1 (19/09/2023) here

Read the first ICB response (03/10/2023) here

Read our Legal Letter #2 (20/10/2023) here

Call to Action

If you are one of the 2700+ people affected and are unhappy with the situation, please make a complaint to the ICB. (You can copy us in if you like – nd@ydrf.org.uk).

Read these tips on making a complaint from the Ombudsman to make sure your complaint is taken seriously.

Telephone: 01482 957750
E-mail: hnyicb.experience@nhs.net

The Experience Team
Humber and North Yorkshire ICB
Health Place
Wrawby Road
DN20 8GS

The ICB are currently planning an ‘engagement strategy’ they will no doubt direct you to when they respond. We suggest that the ICB spends time and resources on reading the complaints they have received, the feedback from the Do It Profiler (which we understand nobody has yet read or analysed), the blogs we have written, the Healthwatch Report, and the 140+ neurodivergent voices we have amplified, before coming to the community asking for any further ‘engagement’ just so they can tick off their Public Sector Equality Duty 8 months late.

Patient Participation Groups at your GP Practice

Every GP practice has a Patient Participation Group (PPG). We suggest joining yours, attending and explaining this situation there.

Contact your Local Councillors and MP

MP-or-Local-Councillor-Letter-Template Download

If you don’t know who your MP is, you can find out here: https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP

If you don’t know who your Local Councillors are, you can find out here: https://www.gov.uk/find-your-local-councillors


You will see from the legal letters that we have agreed to meet with the ICB. We want to know what you would like us to say.

You can tell us anonymously via this google form.

You can email us at nd@ydrf.org.uk

You can leave us a voicemail on 01904 326781

Keep up with everything about the autism and ADHD assessment pilot on our dedicated webpage.