Stop Disability Hate

Disabled people have the right to be safe in York, and free from abuse and violence. But disability hate happens. This is when someone hurts you because of your disability or because they think you are disabled. This can be verbally, physically, financially, or emotionally.

York Disability Rights Forum wants action to stop hate crime and hate incidents, to increase reporting and to help disabled people access support.

YDRF’s Stop Disability Hate project aims to:

  • raise awareness of disability hate crime
  • share stories about hate crime experiences
  • enable people to act if they witness hate crime against a disabled person

In our podcast series Olivia and Michayla talk to disabled people in York about disability hate and how it impacts them and the disability community. Listen to our podcasts with Flick, Jennie, Miles, Astrid and Ian. Read Michayla and Olivia‘s reflections on their conversations on this website.

YDRF and York Hate Crime Partnership commissioned research looking at the barriers to the responses of services and organisations when disabled people experience hate crime or incidents. University of York postgraduate law students have produced a research report. We are now part of a group with the City of York Council, North Yorkshire County Council, and North Yorkshire Police to develop an action plan to take forward their recommendations.

Read the research report ‘Stop Disability Hate Crime: a report into the role of third parties in addressing under-reported hate crime in York’ (Word document). A summary will follow in July. For enquiries about the report please email Marije at

ALERT! The students will present their research at the YDRF Annual General Meeting on Thursday 11 July. Members, allies and interested parties are very welcome. More information.

What is disability hate crime?

“Any incident / crime which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on a person’s disability or perceived disability” (Police and Crown Prosecution Service)

If you are being targeted with crime because of your disability, then this is called a hate crime. If someone hurts you but it is not a crime then it is a hate incident. Hate crime can also happen because of race, religion, sexual orientation and/or gender identity (trans). In York and North Yorkshire the Police also records hate against women (misogyny) and sex workers. 

People may hurt you in different ways: verbally, physically, financially, emotionally. If you ignore it then it may happen again or get worse.

North Yorkshire Police provides more information about hate crime including BSL and Easy Read.

North Yorkshire Disability Forum, Harrogate Mental Health Service User and Carer Involvement Group recorded a video with PC Stuart Henderson, Hate Crime Coordinator for North Yorkshire Police.


Marije represents York Disability Rights Forum on the York Hate Crime partnership run by the Council, and sits on the CPS Yorkshire and Humberside hate crime scrutiny panel.

In April 2022 York CVS and YDRF hosted a Bystander Intervention training for the local voluntary and community sector. Communities Inc’s Stand By Me training covered hate and prejudice and how people can stop hate in a safe way.

We held a public meeting about disability hate crime in October 2021 and were joined by PC Stuart Henderson from North Yorkshire Police and members of York People First. Olivia wrote about the event afterwards for anyone who was unable to attend.

Report a hate incident or crime

In an emergency always dial 999. Deaf people can register for EmergencySMS.

Get support

If someone hurt you because of who you are, it is normal to find it difficult to report an incident, or to feel upset or insecure. Please tell someone you know, they may be able to help you.

In York there are three places where you can get support for dealing with hate incidents or crime:

Bystander intervention

The All About Respect bystander training aims to empower you to become an active bystander and help stop harassment and hate.

Staying safe

Next Door But One offer a free FREE digital package exploring Relationships, Boundaries, Crime and Community Safety. Specifically made with, and for, people with learning disabilities. Watch the trailer to find out more about the package.

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