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Quiet Pride 2024!

What is Quiet Pride? Quiet Pride is a space to celebrate being LGBTQ+. It aims to be as accessible and inclusive as we can. Disabled LGBTQ+ people need a space to celebrate their wonderful, intersectional identities. Quiet Pride…

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Shape the future of YDRF!

York Disability Rights Forum invites you to our Annual General Meeting 2024 3.00pm for a 3.15 start, Thursday 11 th July 2024 Orchard Hall, New Earswick Folk Hall, New Earswick or attend by zoom All members, allies and interested parties welcome….

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Reflections on About Disability Hate Podcasts: Part 2

The About Disability Hate podcasts were only made possible thanks to our amazing volunteers Michayla and Olivia. They interviewed disabled people about their insights and experiences of disability hate and wrote blogs. They have shared their reflections on…

A young white woman with red long hair wearing a black shirt and coat. In the background autumnal trees and shrubs

Reflections on About Disability Hate Podcasts: Part 1

The About Disability Hate podcasts were only made possible thanks to our amazing volunteers Michayla and Olivia. They interviewed disabled people about their insights and experiences of disability hate and wrote blogs. They have shared their reflections on…

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Playing the Waiting Game

As we start to get used to the idea of a new year, our Neurodivergent (ND) community remains bound by the York and North Yorkshire autism and ADHD assessment pilot. You can access everything we have done since…

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Spotlight on Menfulness

Today’s blog is an interview with Menfulness, a great local group for men that’s led by men who’ve struggled with their mental health and the pressures of life. Thanks for joining us, first can you let us know…

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Misleading Email from the ICB

A lot of people have been in touch with us this week about an email they have received from the Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB). Thank you to everyone who contacted us and alerted us…

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The Ever-Shifting Sands of the Pilot Scheme

We have been made aware of some changes associated with the autism and ADHD assessment pilot pathway in York and North Yorkshire. You can read all of the history and our actions on our dedicated webpage. The ICB…

Girl sat cross legged on a sofa reading a book. Shelves of books behind her.

Disabled Parenting: Kids Books Featuring Disabled People

Hi, I’m Elki and I’m going to talk to you about being a disabled parent. I have a physical disability that affects my mobility and energy levels and am a part-time wheelchair user. I have one daughter (under…

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An Open Letter to the Connecting Our City Project

The Connecting Our City project has caused harm to both its staff and the wider community it has engaged over the past two years. This letter seeks to raise awareness of that harm.
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Finally, Some Information

Brace yourselves, this is a long one. In response to one of the Freedom of Information requests, the Humber and North Yorkshire ICB have finally given us some information. We break down the headlines below, but if you’d…

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Pilot extended for 9 months

YDRF has been informed that a decision has been made for the autism and ADHD assessment “3 month pilot” to be extended for 9 more months. We believe there might also be some changes to the eligibility criteria…

Photo of Carla with red hair tied up, thick glasses and wearing a black hoodie

ADHD Diagnosis is a Right, not a Luxury

by YDRF member Carla Morris I’ve always felt different, but I didn’t notice how different until secondary school. I loved to learn and devoted a huge amount of time and effort to the things I found interesting. But…

Photo of Lisa smiling with long brown hair and round glasses wearing a black top with white spots.

How My Autism Diagnosis Changed My Life

I want to tell my story on how my life changed from the day I received my diagnosis, and explain why individuals should not be refused a diagnosis simply because they are an adult (which is starting to…
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Guest Blog: Reflections on NHS England Guidance for Autism

NHS England published their national framework and operational guidance for autism assessment services on 5th April 2023. David McAsey has been in touch to share his initial thoughts on the guidance as it is highly relevant to the…

Group of people by one of the barriers holding a sign that says #ClosedToUs

Update on legal challenge to York’s Blue Badge Ban

York Accessibility Action have an update to share with our members about the legal challenge to the Blue Badge Ban: “It has been some time since we updated supporters about our possible legal challenge to York City Council…

YDRF The Podcast Discussion about Disability Hate Episode 4

Changing perceptions

The fourth episode of the YDRF podcast centres the experiences of Astrid. Olivia and Astrid discuss the matter of perception in disability hate crime, the complex relationship between disability hate and the pandemic, and the value of disabled…

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Autism and ADHD Assessments to be Refused

North Yorkshire and York Health and Care Partnership* are removing access to autism and ADHD assessment and diagnosis for adults in North Yorkshire and York in new pilot *Apologies to TEWV NHS who were previously named as having…

What do the political parties think about Reverse The Ban?

York Disability Rights Forum is not linked with any political party. We wanted to ensure that you, our lovely readers and members, know what the different parties think about the city centre access issue… So, in alphabetical order……

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Upcoming events

We have a few events coming up locally that we wanted to let you know about. To be kept up to date, you can also sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media. Disability and…

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Are you registered to vote? Do you have voter ID?

The right to vote has been fought for and so it’s really important that we honour that and get out (or stay home) and vote where we can! But first we need to know we are registered to…

YDRF The Podcast Discussion about Disability Hate Episode 3

Labelling and harm

In the third episode of YDRF About Disability Hate podcast, Olivia sits down with Miles to talk about disability hate. They discuss the dangers of labelling, especially of people with hidden disabilities, the potential positive impacts of the…

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Join the Steering Group!

Do you want to make a difference to disabled people in York? Are you disabled and live or work in York? Join us! We’re an incredible group of committed disabled people who want to improve York. If you…

York Disability Rights Forum Logo

A brief look at 2022

We are where we are today because of all of our incredible members, Steering Group members past and present and volunteers who have helped us develop policies, procedures and more. Thank you to all of you. Finances Our…


Being disabled, the cost of living and food

We’re sure you’re all concerned about the increasing cost of living and one of the areas where this is going to hit hard is around food. Eating well is so important to health and quality of life and…

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York Disability Week Returns for a 6th Year!

Now in its 6th year, York Disability Week (26th Nov to 3rd Dec), which includes UN International Day of Disabled People on 3rd December, offers something for all.  Almost all events are free to attend and there’s a…

Group of people by one of the barriers holding a sign that says #ClosedToUs

Reverse the Ban: Latest News

If you’ve been paying attention to local news, you’ll know that Reverse the Ban (a coalition of charities, associations, action groups and other organisations who aim to reverse the ban on blue badge holders’ access to York’s pedestrian…

YDRF The Podcast Discussion about Disability Hate Episode 2

The Silent Side of Disability Hate

Listen to our Disability Hate Podcast where we talk to Jennie. She’s kindly written a blog post for us as well. What a complicated thing disability hate is to define or understand. Why would one human being hate…

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