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Meetings with the Integrated Care Board (ICB)

4th April 2024

We met with representatives from the ICB and the retreat in April 2024.

Minutes have yet to be received, but see April’s related blog post.

7th December 2023

We met with representatives from the ICB in December 2023.

Read the minutes from the December meeting.

York Health and Wellbeing Board

20th September 2023

Helen Jones, chair of YDRF, spoke for us in the public participation section of the board. Hazel Kerrison, Cat Owens, Gemma Barstow (Spectrum First) and Manar Matusiak (Living Autism) also spoke in this section about the autism and ADHD assessment restrictions and its impact.

The agenda item covering this issue in which Healthwatch presented their evaluation report on the pilot scheme was moved last minute to be the final agenda item.

The meeting notes for the board included a discussion of the Dementia pathway which stood in stark contrast to the autism and ADHD pathways.

The attendee representing TEWV NHS left the meeting before the agenda item concerning the Healthwatch evaluation report.

You can watch the entire meeting on Youtube here.

24th July 2023

Cat Owens represented YDRF and Hazel spoke of their personal experiences during the public participation section of the meeting. You can watch the full meeting on the CYC YouTube channel (2hours). We have made two short clips below.