Access Subgroup

The Access Subgroup meets monthly to discuss the current state of accessibility in York, including recent planning applications, access to the built environment of York (see City Centre Access), and other matters to make sure that disabled people are included in the life of the city. They also attend meetings on behalf of the YDRF, raising accessibility concerns with the Council, statutory and governing bodies, and other interested parties.

Who’s in the group?

The group is made up of YDRF members (supported by allies) who experience access barriers across the range of physical, sensory and cognitive impairments.

Our subgroup members are:

  • Amanda
  • Anne
  • Ashley
  • Diane
  • Dionne
  • Jane
  • Marilyn

What are we working on?

On behalf of the wider YDRF community, we have raised access issues in a number of areas, including:

We’ve also raised issues on a number of previous projects. We’ll be adding those here in time, but if you’d like to know about any specific projects.

Planning Objections

In addition, we monitor planning applications and have lodged objections where appropriate.  We will be providing a  link to them on this webpage in future but  contact us if you’d like us to send you copies of our earlier objections. They are also all available on the Council’s Planning portal.

Our most recent objection was to the Haxby train station plans – you can read our objection to the Haxby train station by clicking this link.

How can I join?

If you’re interested in joining, make sure you’ve joined the YDRF either as a full member or an ally, and then email Marilyn at using the subject line “Access Subgroup.”