Reflections on About Disability Hate Podcasts: Part 1

The About Disability Hate podcasts were only made possible thanks to our amazing volunteers Michayla and Olivia. They interviewed disabled people about their insights and experiences of disability hate and wrote blogs. They have shared their reflections on the first year of making the podcasts.

Olivia writes:

This project has been an incredible journey, offering me invaluable opportunities for growth and learning. From simply developing the podcast to working on my interviewing skills, blog writing, and navigating discussions on challenging topics. In particular, our podcast series addressing disability hate has broadened my perspective, delving into diverse topics, underlying issues, potential solutions, and deepening my understanding of disability hate matters.

Initially, my understanding of disability hate was limited,  shaping a narrow view of what disability hate crimes are. However, this podcast series has been instrumental in expanding my awareness (hopefully other people’s too). We explored themes like addiction and mental health, with a specific focus on the challenges faced in the workplace areas I may not have strongly associated with disability hate. Allowing others, as well as myself, to learn from these invaluable conversations.  Each episode has provided a platform to share diverse personal experiences, and for this, I am grateful to those individuals interviewed. Shedding a light on these issues so many face, has contributed to both my personal development and the broader goal of raising awareness about disability hate.

About Olivia:

Olivia is now moving on to pastures new. We wish her all the best with her future. If you are interested in making podcasts about disability hate in and around York then please get in touch with Marije for more information and for a chat.

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