Pilot extended for 9 months

YDRF has been informed that a decision has been made for the autism and ADHD assessment “3 month pilot” to be extended for 9 more months. We believe there might also be some changes to the eligibility criteria but have no details about this. The Do It Profiler online screening tool will continue to be used.

As the pilot was due to end on 27th June 2023, we have had people asking what is happening now (understandably). We have been asking for plans and information to be shared over the past few weeks to no avail.

Official channels have refused to provide details and responded to our recent request for further information on the extension by saying:

“As you know, since March we have been piloting an approach to assessment which connects people with the most severe needs to assessment first, while ensuring that everyone referred has access to support through the Do-IT Profiler. Previously, all referrals were assessed in chronological date order and there was no system for identifying those people who needed help more urgently.

Our ambition is for more timely adult ADHD and autism diagnoses and quicker support for everyone seeking health and care advice for their needs before and after assessment. Since the start of the pilot we have identified a number of adjustments based on user and clinical feedback to improve the approach to assessment and we will be issuing a statement and communications on this very soon.”

Very soon.

We’ll let you know when we hear anything.

What can you do?

If you need support or would like to get involved in the work at YDRF, contact us at: nd@ydrf.org.uk (opens mailbox)

If you have been affected by the pilot and wish to make a complaint to the ICB, you can send an email to: 

York: hnyicb-voy.patientrelations@nhs.net (opens mailbox)

North Yorkshire: hnyicb-ny.patientrelations@nhs.net (opens mailbox)

Write to your MP and ask them to get involved.

Contact Healthwatch York (phone: 01904 621133)

or Healthwatch North Yorkshire  (phone: 01423 788 128)

Read our previous blogs about this to learn more.

1 thought on “Pilot extended for 9 months”

  1. It’s shocking to think that people in positions of power and decisions on this subject can’t see the harm its doing or more accurately don’t want to see how wrong it is. I was rather hoping that this pilot would end and things would change for the better as result of the pilot ending. I’ve just been moved from pillar to post again with accessing talking therapy so it’s right across the board that changes are required in the city for adult and children seeking support. Please stop putting things in place which are ridiculous because its ruining peoples lives. I don’t think i can make it any plainer than that for the people making these ludicrous decisions. The impact on people’s individual lives and circumstances are being made worse and i really worry that we just don’t matter enough? Whatever you need from me just shout up.

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