Update on legal challenge to York’s Blue Badge Ban

York Accessibility Action have an update to share with our members about the legal challenge to the Blue Badge Ban:

“It has been some time since we updated supporters about our possible legal challenge to York City Council over their decision to extend the pedestrian area of York City Centre and exclude Blue Badge holders and taxis carrying disabled passengers. After a positive start, with £10,000 raised through CrowdJustice, where all donated money goes directly to the law firm involved, the lawyer on our case, Chris Fry, was eventually unable to continue acting through ill health, then left the firm. Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, managing director of Scott-Moncrieff and Associates, has reassured us that her firm remains committed to progressing the case and says:

‘Mitchell Woolf  has taken on the case, and has instructed Sarah Sackman of Matrix Chambers. He has sent her a brief to advise on the likelihood of a successful outcome of any litigation. When we have her advice we will discuss it with York Accessibility Action to decide how best to proceed. I can also confirm that the funds raised through CrowdJustice were remitted to Scott-Moncrieff and Associates by CrowdJustice, and will be only be used for legal fees and expenses associated with the case.’

We are incredibly frustrated that we haven’t been able to hold the Council to account on this act of discrimination sooner which has blighted, and continues to blight, the lives of thousands of people who live in or visit our city.”

They hope to update you soon on the next steps and thank you for your patience.

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