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Do you want to make a difference to disabled people in York? Are you disabled and live or work in York? Join us! We’re an incredible group of committed disabled people who want to improve York. If you want to read a couple of personal experiences, head over to Hazel and Lydia’s blog posts.

Our Steering Group is made up of about 12 of our wonderful members and helps to guide the work of YDRF. It’s the Steering Group that arranges meetings, sends out newsletters and responds to emails. We also represent you, our wonderful members, in meetings with the council, health and more.

And whilst we do our best, we could be even better with you! Our members have incredible experience, knowledge and skills that could help YDRF grow and be the best we can be for 2023!

If you’re thinking of getting more involved in what we do, this is your chance! Find out more about being a Steering Group member below, and get in touch to have a chat. If you’re interested but not sure, we’ll happily invite you to join one of the Steering Group’s monthly meetings.

Being a Steering Group Member

As a Steering Group member you will gain valuable experience of working with disabled people with a range of impairments and experiences, resolving conflicts and campaigning together. Steering Group Members are expected to: 

  • Attend monthly online Steering Group meetings. These are currently held alternately at 1:30 and 5:00 pm, two hours with a break.
  • Be ready to represent YDRF at other meetings. We will, of course, offer as much support as you want to help you feel comfortable doing this.
  • Join one or more of the subgroups. These are currently:
    • Physical Access
    • Health
    • Hate Crime
    • Communications and Member Engagement: this includes writing and sending the newsletter, scheduling content for social media, managing our website and more
    • Meetings: organising, setting up and facilitating meetings other than the monthly Steering Group meeting
    • Finance
    • Training: We are just about to launch a 2 hour Introduction to Disability training session

So, if you want to get involved, or find out more, drop us an email or leave us a voicemail on 01904 326781.

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