June Social!

We want to meet you! As a result of covid, and us setting up in covid, we’ve only managed to meet a few of you in person. We’ve met most of you online and as the temperature (maybe) warms up and becomes more stable, we thought we’d schedule in a social event!

When: 29th June, 4-8pm. BSL interpreter currently booked 6-7pm (we are actively seeking a second interpreter)
Where: Tipi’s on Campus East, University of York, Heslington, York, YO10 5GY (between the Ron Cooke building and the Piazza building)

A wide, tent like tipi like structure made of canvas. All sides are currently zipped up however at our social, one would be open throughout the time.

Getting there

Please forgive the terrible editing skills on the map below but focus on the purple lines and purple squiggle (if we get a better version of the map we will update the image). The purple lines are the routes for Blue Badge vehicles and the squiggle is the rough area of the Tipi.

If you use the interactive map, you’ll see you head off Kimberlow Lane to the right (away from the shops) which takes you through the barrier at the start of Goodricke Lane (the barrier should be up, on the off chance it isn’t, use the intercom and tell them you are a Blue Badge holder). Take the immediate left onto Deramore Lane and the Tipi is the large canvas structure where Deramore Lane loops round. Blue Badge parking is available on both sides of the loop. If you head for the Ron Cooke building you should be able to see the tipis. We will also be keeping an eye out for anyone who looks a little lost.

Non Blue Badge parking and bus stops are just behind the Kimberlow shops and if you head downhill from either, you should see the Tipi (and maybe some geese or rabbits!)

Access Info

  • As above, there is Blue Badge Parking is available close by
  • Other car parking is available on campus near the shops
  • Buses run to the campus regularly
  • Accessible toilets are nearby, inside the Ron Cooke Hub and we can direct you to them as needed
  • We’re have a BSL interpreter who will be present between 6 and 7pm. We are trying to secure a second interpreter for the session.
  • If you’d like someone to meet you when you arrive, email us and we can arrange for a friendly face to greet you (we’re all friendly but you’ll have a name to go with this face!)
  • Similarly, if you’d feel more comfortable having someone’s phone number, email us – we don’t have a set phone number for the forum but can share a personal number for the purpose of this event. Our advertised number is an answerphone and it won’t help you on the day.
  • If there is anything at all we haven’t covered that would make you feel more comfortable attending, let us know. If we can, we will.

Other stuff

  • We won’t have hot drinks available and the nearest cafe looks like it’ll be shut so please bring your own (non alcoholic) drink
  • We’re hoping to have water and biscuits available
  • Seats aren’t always the comfiest, they are benches, so if that’s a problem, try to bring a cushion with you
  • As a covered but open sided venue, we felt the tipi it was a good compromise between covid safe and weather safe!

Please note, tipi is the language the university has chosen.

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