BAME? Disabled? Fancy getting creative this summer?

We are very excited to tell you about York Anti Racist Collective’s (YARC) Art Liberation Program, especially as they’re committed to making the workshops inclusive of disabled people!

York Anti Racist Collective Art Liberation Program

colourful art materials

Starting Summer 2022, the program will have workshops run by Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME*) people for Black, Asian and minority ethnic people. Some will be online, some will be in person.

This is a program designed by BAME people for BAME people and they hope to decolonise art, learn new forms of restorative practice, collaborate, showcase and meet new people. They welcome people who aren’t artists or don’t consider themselves as arty to get involved! Decolonising art means that they are going to rethink what is mean by art so that it can be inclusive to our communities.

Some more information about the program:

  • It will provide safe spaces for BAME people
  • Some sessions will be online, and some in person
  • It will be a place to use creativity and art workshops to build relationships, learn new skills, and unpack trauma
  • It’ll explore different styles of storytelling
  • And they hope to exhibit art forms in a publich showcase in the city centre of York

When: starting summer 2022
Joining: e-mail YARC to register your interest in attending the workshops. If you have a disability and there are adjustments YARC can make to the sessions, please let them know in your expression of interest email. They aim for all of the workshops to be accessible.

All creative facilitators and session support will be paid BAME people which we really appreciate. So often minority groups are expected to offer their skills and knowledge for free so knowing that facilitators and session support will be paid, and will be BAME, is really encouraging!

Please get in touch with them if you know of any community spaces that might be able to help host the final exhihition showcase in the city centre of York. Or if you have any questions, get in touch with them directly: (a phone number is coming soon).

*BAME is the term that YARC have used here as it is more widely recognised, however, they prefer PESR (People Experiencing Systemic Racism)

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