In With The Bins!

Today’s guest blog post comes from the In With The Bins campaign and talks about the need for sanitary bins in men’s toilets.

Note: Cis is short for cisgender which describes a person whose gender identity is the same as their sex assigned at birth eg, if you were assigned male when you were born and still identify as male.

In With The Bins was founded in early 2021 when I discovered there were NO sanitary bins in the men’s cubicles I used when I was in buildings such as pubs or places that had no gender neutral toilets. So I decided to take it upon myself to get a campaign started to encourage organisations, companies, universities, colleges, hospitals etc to implement the provision of sanitary bins in men’s cubicles in the men’s toilets.

This is obviously beneficial to myself as I am a trans man but this will also benefit other trans men who still have periods too. However I wanted to go a step further and include cis men in this as I know that trans and cis men have medical conditions such as a stoma or bladder problems that mean they need to have a sanitary bin in the cubicle they use to dispose of waste.  

So far, the campaign has been implemented in the Selby and York area (Sainsbury’s in Selby and Selby council have got on board alongside York Dungeons) and Rotherham Hospital is the first hospital to implement the campaign.

However, there’s more work to be done and I am not resting on my laurels. I am always looking to meet or talk with people from organisations, companies etc to see if they can implement the campaign. This is something I am very committed to and I would love to see it go nationwide but I need to work hard to make sure this happens.

For any further information about the campaign or if you wish to have a conversation over Zoom or in person, please do not hesitate to email or reach the campaign on Twitter at @InWithTheBins11

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