Get in touch with your local councillor about the footstreets

City of York Council have yet another survey out about the footstreets extensions. We fully appreciate that it’s exhausting responding again and again, especially when the topic hasn’t really changed.

However another way of having your thoughts raised is through your local ward councillor, or councillors.

Contact your Councillor

Councillors are people who are involved in local politics and have been voted to represent the people who live in your area (the area they cover is called a ward). A councillor might be part of a political party such as Labour or Conservatives, or they might be Independent which means they aren’t linked to any of the political parties.

Councillors provide a link between the community and the council and do this by talking to people in the area and listening to what you have to say. They are also involved in council decision making and they look carefully at decisions made by the council.

Finding contact details for your councillor

  • You can find out what ward you live in through the council’s interactive map: you can zoom in and move around, or put your postcode in the search box in the top right corner of the map.
  • Once you know what ward you live in, click on the ward name and you’ll be taken to a webpage which tells you the name of your ward councillor, or councillors.
  • If you click on their name(s), you’ll be taken to a webpage which tells you what political party they’re involved with, and how to get in touch with them.

There’s usually an email address, phone number and postal address.

Template letter

To help make it easier for you to contact your councillor, we have written a template letter. You can use this to write a letter, an email or to help you think about what to say if you ring your councillor.

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