Objecting to the Footstreet Extensions

On 22nd June, the Executive Member for Transport (Councillor D’Agorne) made the decision to publicise the proposals to make the current footstreet arrangements permanent. We spoke against the decision and are continuing to raise our objections. Since then, the council have contacted all Blue Badge holders to give them the opportunity to object.

Often council emails and letters are full of jargon and aren’t the easiest to read but basically, the council has to give people time to object before they can make the footstreets permanent. Essentially, Blue Badge holders will not be allowed into streets such as Goodramgate and Blake Street. We’ve not been able to do this during the pandemic, but that was a temporary decision. Now the council want it to be permanent. This would mean you’d have to park on the edges of the pedestrianised zone or in car parks, defeating the point of the Blue Badge which is supposed to help you get closer to places.

We know that writing an objection is time consuming, emotionally draining and uses up energy that needs applying to other things. So to make things easier, we’ve got a template for you to use and amend as you want. Please ensure you include your personal details and how you’ve been impacted in order to ensure your objection is considered.

Please send your objection by email or post, so that it arrives by 13th August 2021 (this was extended from 6th):

  • Postal address: Director of Economy & Place, Network Management, West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA
  • Email: highway.regulation@york.gov.uk

2 thoughts on “Objecting to the Footstreet Extensions”

  1. Done, have added this to your letter and sent in :

    Please advice as required by case law what steps have been taken to adequately mitigate such a decision. Without such mitigation the decsision may be unlawful and subject to challenge through the courts.

    Good luck

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