York to Become an Anti-Racist and Inclusive City

For today’s blog, we turn to Haddy from Speak Up Diversity. Haddy is the Founder and Directory of the organisation which is working to end the systemic and institutional racist policies that disproportionately affects people of colour.

Speak Up Diversity welcomes your participation in creating a motion to deliver to City of York Council to formally commit to becoming an Anti-Racist and Inclusive City!

Discrimination because of race (colour, nationality, ethnic origin), gender, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, or age is unlawful, but it continues to happen.

It is now time for City of York Council to commit to supporting residents impacted by systemic racism, injustice, abuse, bias, inequity, and compromised safety – specifically supporting people of colour, disabled, mentally ill, and LGBTQ+ residents.

What does this mean to you? It means that you can tell us what you think we need to include in our motion to ensure we can transform the City of York into an Anti-Racist and Inclusive Community. This would mean York is a place that affirms the humanity of all people, addresses historic inequity and tackles the unequal systematic barriers to enable everyone to thrive.

Please join us and share your thoughts. The Anti-Racist and Inclusive motion will be stronger, more meaningful, and more effective if it is created by listening to and accounting for all of our voices. You can share your thoughts by emailing Speak Up Diversity.

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