York Mini Golf: A Fun Space for All (and yes, that includes disabled people too!)

Something fantastic for the people of York is in the planning stages. A mini-golf course next to the central library where you can play and learn about York’s history!

We’re delighted to discover that the whole course would be built with disabled access in mind. And that doesn’t just mean wheelchair access! Some of the features being considered include:

  • guided tours of the course to familiarise people with the layout
  • level access, benches, dropped kerbs for access to the holes
  • a golf club which is adapted for use by someone who’s seated
  • audio described information boards

The planners, Helen and David, are keen to build in inclusive features from the start. So we invited them to write a post that lets everyone know more.

About the Plans

Hi Helen and David! Tell us more about York Mini Golf.

“We are proposing a mini golf course on Library Lawn (the area of grass next to York Library). It will be a twelve-hole course and will tell the history of York as you play.

The theme of each hole will be a period in York’s history; starting with Roman, then Anglian, through Viking and Medieval. The theme of the final hole is chocolate.

The course will have information boards which give details of the period in history represented by each hole. We plan for the content of the information boards to be available in audio format on our website, which will be screen reader compatible. Players will be signposted to other places to visit in York to see more from that period in history. We believe the mini golf course will inspire people to discover York’s heritage. Most attractions in York focus on only one period. By bringing it all together we will tell the overall story of York in a fun way. Mini golf is also one of the few activities that can be enjoyed by all age groups together.

The course will be fully wheelchair accessible for players and visitors. We will also have clubs that are designed for seated users. These have a head that turns making it easier to reach the ball from a chair. The clubs also have a sucker at the handle end for picking up the ball.

We plan to lay a wheelchair accessible path down the side of the library where there is currently just a gravel path. We will also upgrade the existing benches. Visitors to the course will be able to use the Changing Places toilet facilities in the library.

When the mini golf course is open the area will not be restricted, it can still be enjoyed by visitors who are not playing mini golf. Library Lawn is an amazing site with the Roman Multangular Tower, remains of St. Leonard’s Hospital and the Anglian Tower.

Our hope is that the mini golf course will make the area more well known and accessible so it can be enjoyed by more people.

We are committed to making this course the best it can be for as many people as possible and thinking about a variety of needs. With that in mind we would welcome any ideas you have for how we could achieve this.

If you have feedback or ideas please email us at info@yorkminigolf.co.uk.”

Good luck Helen and David! We really hope to be able to visit the York Mini Golf course in the future. We feel a Forum meet up coming on!

You can find out more and keep up to date with the progress of the plans on the York Mini Golf website.

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