Dropped kerb policy consultation

We know dropped kerbs are a big issue and now is your chance to have a say on the issue.

City of York Council are currently consulting on the process involved in applying for vehicle crossings which by extension affects dropped kerbs on pavements.

The council is proposing to adopt a ‘Vehicle Crossing Policy’ which would support decision making when people make a vehicle crossing application. This would apply when someone requests vehicle access to a property, for example if you want a new driveway. They have written a draft policy and are asking for feedback on it. This will then be analysed and a report assessing options and making recommendations for a final policy will be presented to the Executive Member for Transport.

There is no automatic right for someone to install a vehicle crossing and the draft policy describes how applications would be considered. The policy says that the council will consider:

  • The need to prevent damage to a footway or verge;
  • The need to ensure safe access to and from the property;
  • The need to allow the passage of traffic on the highway.

Of particular relevance to the disabled community is what the policy says about dropped kerbs around the vehicle crossing. It says that a standard vehicle crossing will have three dropped kerbs – one where the vehicle crossing meets the road and two for the pavement users, one either side of the vehicle crossing.

The draft policy also sets out that:

  • In general, only one vehicle crossing will be permitted per property.
  • There must be enough room on the property for vehicles to be parked without overhanging on the public highway
  • In areas where the proposed crossing is considered high risk, additional space will be required within the property to enable vehicles to enter and exit whilst forward facing.
  • Proposed crossings within 10m of a junction or stop line of a signalised junction will generally be refused due to safety.
  • To ensure other highway users are safe, proposed crossings need to show that there is adequate visibility of both the pavement and the road.
  • Gates must not open outwards across the footpath or road.
  • If the proposed crossing cuts across things such as disabled bays or Resident Parking, consent must be required from all necessary parties before the crossing can be permitted.

Consultation responses should be sent to streetworks@york.gov.uk before 28 April 2021. You can read the consultation privacy notice online.

Consultation closes 28 April 2021

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