Finding Covid 19 Support

England is once again facing lockdown, and we know, from our own experiences and our recent annual survey, that restrictions are hard on people’s physical and mental health. We expect this is going to be worse given it’s also winter. We know we can’t fix this, but we wanted to let you know about local services that can help to make it easier.

General support

  • COVID-19 Helpline for York – If you’re on your own and struggling to manage, or you don’t have any support, but need it because of COVID-19, the council may be able to help you through this difficult time. Contact them at, or telephone 01904 551550.
  • General support is still available from the council, and whilst most council services are now available online or over the phone, generally they do allow you to book an appointment.


  • York Mix has information about food and drink providers that delivery, as does York Mumbler.
  • Other options for delivery, besides the major supermarkets, include Miller Food Service who now offer a service for the general public. NB, you need to log in to see their range. 
  • Millies sell a range of groceries including fruit, veg, milk and milk alternatives and other basics.
  • Note, we are not affliliated with these companies and this is not an exlusive list.


  • Many chemists have a delivery service for prescriptions, check with your normal pharmacist.

Health needs

  • Whilst a lot of GP practices have moved over a predominently phone based service, face to face appointments are available. If you are worried about your health, please get in touch with your surgery.

Mental health support

Financial support

  • If you are worried about your financial situation, talk to one of the advice agencies in York. They can help you access advice and support and as they deal with these issues all the time, they can often help you in ways you might not have considered.

If there are other support organisations that you think we should be including, please get in touch.

Domestic abuse

IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Services) are supporting people over the phone, by email (, through WhatsApp, online live chat or online video support. Their phone number is 03000 110 110.

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